What is the capsule bottom of the pan

Stainless steel cookware is in great demand among housewives. It is safe for health, hygienic, has a long service life. Particularly popular products with a capsular bottom.

Capsule bottom of the pan: what does it mean

The capsule bottom, in other words, is layered. Represents the pressed sheets of metal.

Many people think that these are just pots with a thick bottom. In fact, it is not. For its manufacture, not one material is used, but several different: kitchen utensils are made of several types of metal, which have different thermal conductivity. There can be several layers - from two to five.

Dishes are made on the basis of a sandwich:

two extreme layers are made of one material, and the inner part is made of another. For the upper and lower layers, medical stainless steel is used, for the middle - aluminum.

Sometimes an enamel layer is applied to the outside of the pan. This is done for decorative purposes. Products can be of various colors, with or without a pattern. In addition, enamel provides additional protection for kitchen utensils from corrosion and mechanical damage. Minus of such products - not suitable for stoves with induction hob.

Reference! The number of layers affects the final thickness of the bottom of the kitchen utensils, which can be 5-12 mm.

For cooking ordinary dishes, products with an average thickness of 6-8 mm are suitable. If you take a product with a thicker bottom, then you have to get used to it: it heats up for a long time and slowly cools down. Without a habit, you can spoil more than one dish.

Types of multilayer bottom at the pan

Multilayer dishes are made using two technologies: traditional and capsule.

Making a traditional sandwich is as follows:

  1. The first thing they do is make a pot. The bottom is missing.
  2. A layer of aluminum is fixed on both sides with stainless steel sheets.
  3. The product is placed under the press. Under the influence of high temperature and pressure, the layers are bonded together.
  4. Using the machine, the resulting “sandwich” is turned on all sides, after which it is attached to the base of the pan.

The finished product has a bottom with clearly defined boundaries. Its diameter is slightly smaller than the dimensions of the base of the dishes.

Now this method of production is losing popularity.

The capsule version is made in the same way as the traditional one. The difference is that the product is not processed on the machine. The layers are also fixed to each other under the influence of the press and high temperature. But their diameter is equal to the size of the base of the pan. Therefore, the product is not processed on a lathe. The bottom will be one with the finished product.

Reference! The capsule manufacturing method is more time consuming, therefore such kitchen utensils are of high cost.

Advantages of the capsule bottom

By purchasing multi-layer dishes, each housewife notes significant changes. The combination of two metals with different characteristics gives the product a number of advantages:

  1. Thermal conductivity improves. Due to this, the products are heated evenly, which improves the taste of the finished dish.
  2. Cooking time is reduced, which leads to lower costs for gas and electricity.
  3. The dishes are universal. It can be used both on stoves with a normal surface, and on induction.
  4. Food in such a pan does not burn. Therefore, you can not use vegetable and animal fat. The finished dish will turn out not only tasty, but also useful.
  5. The surface of the kitchen utensils is smooth, this does not allow dirt to accumulate, which means pathogenic bacteria will not appear.
  6. The capsule bottom retains heat for a long time. The food in such pans languishes and remains warm for a long time.

In practice, this is as follows. For example, if you have a multi-layer kettle at home, you won’t have to warm the water often when drinking tea, because the water will be hot for a long time. Cooked porridge in the evening will keep warm until morning.

Features of operation and care

In order for the dishes to last for a long time, you need to choose only high-quality products, use them correctly and take care of them regularly.

When choosing kitchen utensils, cast models should be preferred - they are more resistant to mechanical stress. You also need to pay attention to the thickness of the walls and bottom. The wall thickness should be at least 0.8 mm, the bottom - 4 mm.

The fact that the product is of good quality is indicated by the presence of a mark on the bottom of the pan. It should contain information about the size of the product, the composition used for the manufacture of the material and the name of the manufacturer.

Capsule pan is easy to use. But in order for her to please the hostess for a long time, several recommendations must be observed:

  • the pot must be filled at least 2/3;
  • the diameter of the bottom of the kitchen utensils should be equal to the diameter of the burner or be slightly smaller;
  • a cold pan should be placed on a preheated cooking surface;
  • if food is cooked on a gas stove, make sure that fire does not fall on the walls of the product.

In general, stainless steel is unpretentious in maintenance. But still there are some tips, observing which you can significantly increase the life of the kitchen utensils:

  1. In order not to scratch the inside of the product, use silicone or wood spatulas for cooking.
  2. Do not use cleaning powders to clean the resulting dirt. Their abrasive particles will scratch the surface of the product. Instead, you should use gels and creams for washing dishes.
  3. If the food is still burnt, the pan must be soaked in soapy water and left for 10 minutes.
  4. Lemon will help remove the plaque that has appeared. It is necessary to cut it in half and carefully treat the entire surface of the dishes with one half.

A pan with a capsular bottom should be in the kitchen of every housewife. It will reduce the cooking time, and the finished dishes will be not only tasty, but also healthy.

Watch the video: automatic cookware pot pan capsule bottom sandwish bottom induction brazing welding machine (December 2019).


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