Why the bed can not be put to the wall

"Where to put the bed?" - This question interests many families, especially when people built a house on their own. As a rule, when choosing a place, people appreciate only comfort and coziness, however, it is worth taking care of the spiritual component of the interior.

Why not put the bed to the wall

Spiritual people have a rather negative attitude towards placing a bed against a wall. Renowned psychic Marilyn Kerro, in one of her interviews, stated that she was opposed to placing a bed on a wall. She argued that she thought that the place where people sleep has a unique aura, because in a dream they leave their body and travel.

In the event that a person’s body is against a wall, according to a psychic, this can negatively affect overall well-being, and even health. Moreover, it can affect your personal life.

Feng Shui

The Japanese, who are the main experts in home comfort, also highlight a few very important features. According to Feng Shui, the worst accommodation option is at the wall, opposite the front door. This method is called "Position of the dead", as it can cause serious illness.

It is also forbidden to sleep near the wall, if the front door closes the view of the bed, with its opening. According to the Japanese, with this arrangement during sleep, a person's intuition and analytical abilities weaken.

Other signs

Do not like to sleep against the wall and the owners of brick and stone houses. In ancient times, it was believed that such a dream could invoke the souls of dead people who are outside the home.

In the modern world, people refuse such an arrangement only because the wall is very cold. Especially, if it is a private house, which has poor heating.

How can I put a bed

The most ideal option for placing a bed is opposite the front door, but with a slight bias from it. According to experts, this method provides a cleansing of the body from harmful energy, and also fills the head with bright and positive thoughts.

You can also install a bed along the front door, but only in the case that you can see the person who will enter the bedroom. This decision psychologically relaxes the head, and also allows you to have a more restful and sound sleep.

Eastward Feng Shui states that bulky things should not be installed near the resting place. This can be done only on the one hand, provided that the other is completely clean and free from other interior items.

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