DIY Cutlery Stand

The cutlery stand allows you to store tablespoons and teaspoons, forks, knives used in the family daily, separately from each other. Unlike trays designed for kitchen drawers, coasters are installed on kitchen tables in the dishwashing zone.

What to make a stand for appliances

Manufacturers offer ready-made stands made of wood, plastic, metal, ceramic or combined. You can also make a kitchen accessory yourself from these materials, but if you have the skills to work with them, special machines and tools.

Simpler options are made from improvised materials: cans, wooden boxes, kitchen boards. Additionally, you may need: acrylic paint in aerosol cans, jute thread, dense fabric, pieces of leather or suede.

Preparatory work

Initially, 4-6 identical-sized containers are selected. The height of the cans should be 2/3 of the length of the cutlery. Previously, they are thoroughly washed, dried, and the upper part is leveled using pliers. Then painted with acrylic paint, which will protect against corrosion.

Reference! For work, it is better to use paint in cylinders, which lays down in an even layer and facilitates the painting of the inner surface.

To correctly cut the board, it is placed on the table, set on it 4 or 6 cans (2 + 2 or 3 + 3). A second plank is laid between them, which will serve as an intermediate support. Make markings, cut, grind, paint.

Set the cans on the base, mark the holes in the center with a long nail or a screwdriver and a hammer. Small holes are made on the board in marked places. In this way, the cans will be attached to a wooden base.

Similar operations are done with an intermediate support installed between the banks. In the upper part of the tanks adjacent to the base, they also mark the place of attachment with a nail.
As a decoration, you can use a jute rope, wrapping it in the upper and lower parts of the cans in 3-4 turns.

Cutlery Stand: Step by Step

There are several ways to make a cutlery stand.

Can holder

After preliminary preparation of materials, it remains to assemble the entire structure together. This is done in 3 steps:

  1. Using self-tapping screws, banks are fixed on a wooden base at the designated points.
  2. Set the second plank between the banks, fix them with screws.
  3. A ready-made furniture handle or made of leather is attached to the end of the board for the convenience of carrying the stand.

Attention! As an intermediate plate, you can use the finished kitchen board with an elongated upper part and a hole cut out in it, intended for fastening on a hook. It makes it easy to carry the stand without a handle.

For cans without jute decoration, you can use small plates cut from the same leather as the carrying handle. Write the purpose of each container (forks, spoons, knives) on the paint plate. You can draw any small drawings (emoticons, spoons, forks, figures). Glue with special glue.

Kitchen board stand

To work, you will need 3 identical kitchen boards, a dense fabric with any pattern (in a box, flowers, peas), braid. Assembling a kitchen accessory step by step:

  1. A rectangle with a height of 2/3 of the length of the cutlery is cut out of the fabric along the width of the board.
  2. Spread the prepared fabric on the board, decorate with braid on top.
  3. With the help of small furniture studs or a stapler, they attach a braid with a cloth to a wooden base.
  4. Boards with pockets are hung on 3 separate hooks or on a finished hanger for kitchen utensils.

Three nearby hanging boards with pockets for knives, spoons and forks look unusual and original. If the material is selected in the right color scheme, then the set will certainly become a decoration of the kitchen.

Watch the video: DIY Cutlery Holder (December 2019).


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