How to set parental controls on an Android tablet

In the modern world, most people use smartphones and tablets. If you are a parent, you probably would like to establish parental control on your child’s device. Configuring application filtering and eliminating the likelihood of displaying inappropriate content is a snap. In this article we will tell you in detail how parental control can be, how to properly configure it, in order to prohibit unnecessary content.

Types and possibilities of parental control on the tablet

What do you get by taking control of the children's gadget.

Limitations in the Play Store

On tablets running the Android operating system, you can configure restriction on downloadable programs.

  • To do this, go to the Play Store and go to the settings section.
  • Then the pin code is set to enter the parental control.
  • After that you can set the age category. Suppose if you set "+12", then your child will be able to install games and programs only from the category of +12 and less.


Some tablet models have built-in application blocking function. If there is no such function, then a similar program can be installed for free from the Play Store.

The essence of such a restriction is that launching restrictions are imposed on certain programs. At the entrance there will be a window for entering the pin code.

Important! Do not limit too much the used applications on the child’s tablet. Otherwise, it may start looking for different ways to bypass the lock.

And this usually leads to nothing good.

Safe Mode in the YouTube app

This option of parental control is useful for young children who are about 4-5 years old.

  • To enable safe mode, you need to go to the settings. To do this, click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Then go to settings, then click on "General".
  • There is a special slider on the "safe mode" item. If the slider is translated to the enabled position, then the child will not be shown inappropriate content.

Create limited profiles

This feature allows you to create profiles with predefined restrictions. This feature is available on the Windows operating system. A similar option is enabled by developers in the Android OS.

When entering the device, the child will see 2 accounts:

  • the main (set by the parent with the security pin code);
  • limited (without password).

In the settings you can restrict access to certain applications and games.

Next, we will tell you in more detail how to set up several accounts on the tablet.

Attention! It is not necessary to create a lot of profiles, as it is very heavy tablet professor.

The fact is that the created accounts will function simultaneously. In other words, while you are using the same account, in the other profile all programs are running in the background.

Parental Control

If you want to create an account with parental control on the tablet, then it is quite simple. But it is worth remembering that This feature is not supported on all devices.. For example, manufacturers of Samsung smartphones and tablets specifically remove this option from the operating system.

How to create an account

  • Go to the tablet settings. To do this, lower the notification bar and click on the gear.
  • Then flick down a bit. There will be a point "users and accounts".
  • Then select users and click "add user".
    At this stage, you need to choose which account you want to create, regular or limited.
  • Create restrictions on some applications in the settings of the created profile and save the changes.
    Next you need to enter a PIN code to access the main account. We recommend that you write down the pin code and put it in a place that only you know.
  • When entering the device, a window will appear with the choice of the user. The child cannot access the main account. But he can easily log into the account you created and use the allowed applications.

Now you know how to set parental controls on a tablet. We wish you good luck!

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