Upnp how to enable on a router

Upnp is used when you do not want to manually open the ports of various servers. This technology has advantages (high speed of information transfer and ease of use) and disadvantages (security problems). Therefore, you should include Upnp deliberately.

Enabling Upnp on a Router

To enable Upnp, you must enter the web interface and change the device configuration settings. It is very simple, any person who understands network equipment can handle this. We will give an example of such an operation using the TP-Link router. On other devices, all actions will be almost identical.

We do the following:

  1. Open the browser and enter the IP address of the device in the address bar. Most often, it is written on a sticker on the back of the router. The default IP address is 192.168.1. Press the Enter button.
  2. The authentication window will be displayed. There we look for fields for entering a username and password. This will open access to the web interface. In factory configurations, usually both the username and password are admin (both words with a small letter). We pick them up and click
  3. We get to the start page of the router interface. Here you need to open the Advanced Settings tab. There we look for the necessary parameters.
  4. On the left there will be a window used for setting the settings. We need to select NAT Forwarding. Go to this section to change the configuration of the router.
  5. Now a submenu will drop out where the name of the parameter we need (Upnp) will be written. Click the left mouse button on the name.
  6. Next to the Upnp column will be a slider. We need to move it to the right, which will enable the necessary function on the router. If necessary, you can disable the function in the same way (only now the slider will need to be moved to the left).

We have connected Upnp on the router. But this is not enough, since the function also needs to be enabled on the computer. The latter must be connected to the local network. We will consider an example of Upnp activation on Windows 8. On other programs of the same system, the steps will be the same, there are practically no differences. We do the following:

  1. Right-click on the Start button. A menu opens where you need to select the Control Panel. We open it.
  2. Now open the Network and Internet section. This is where you can find the necessary settings.
  3. In the window that opens, click on the Network Control Center section.
  4. A new window opens. In the left part you need to find the line Change advanced sharing settings. Click on it.
  5. In this window, you will need to check the boxes next to Network discovery and Automatic configuration on network devices.
  6. Now click Save Changes.
  7. We do a computer reboot.
  8. Can be used

Possible problems when turning on

Typically, problems relate to the breakdown of one of the devices. Access to the Internet is also required, since without it the network does not work. Another important parameter is the weather. Typically, in strong winds, rain, and thunder, the network may not work. Just wait until the weather improves.

Activating Upnp Function on a Router

The Upnp protocol is supported by most offers. Configuration is performed directly in the program. We do the following:

  1. Enabled This basic setup includes Upnp.
  2. Allow-disable-external-interface. This option can be disabled. It redistributes user permission to use the external interface of the router.
  3. Show-dummy-rule. The option allows you to search for workarounds for several functions, for example, they work with errors. Thanks to this function, the server can send the necessary signals to software clients that generate an error.
  4. I Shows the name of the interface where the process is currently activated.
  5. T Indicates the type of interface used. Overnight is assigned a global IP address. Vnutrennomu - the interface of the router so that clients can connect to it.
  6. Forced-external-ip. Indicates which public IP address is enabled when multiple interfaces are accessed simultaneously on the external interface.

Reference! The selected functions will allow you to configure the router as you wish. This makes network use more convenient.

Enabling Upnp is very simple. It is enough to take a few steps. Even a child can handle this.

Watch the video: How to enable UpNp on your router! 2017 (December 2019).


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