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For people whose work is associated with a large number of papers and important documents, having your own scanner and printer is mandatory. When choosing, it is recommended to pay special attention to multifunctional devices that combine several household appliances at once. This technique is suitable for professional office use and home use.

List of the best MFP 2018-2019 year

Before making a purchase of a consumer electronic device, each user tries to carefully study several options. The modern market is regularly updated with new manufacturers and products, which complicates the choice. The selection of the best models, which are presented in specialized household appliances stores, will help in choosing the right MFP for home.
Note: sections are presented in accordance with the name of the multifunction device.
Inkjet varieties:

Canon PIXMA TS5040 is a leader among the jet multifunction device. Supports color printing and borderless printing. Work is possible without a computer, as the technician has its own screen for entering the necessary data. Connection is made using USB, WI-FI, memory card.

Epson L3050 Popular due to its wide functionality. It features a system of continuous ink supply, which helps save consumables. The main advantage is the minimum noise level produced during operation. The device is not the best choice for printing photos, which is the main disadvantage. Users note that when printing an image has a faint tint.

HP DeskJet 2130 - optimal budget option. Supports the function of printing photos, drawing images on envelopes, is characterized by fast production of pages in black and white format, copying functionality, minimum weight. Of the minuses stand out quick consumption of cartridges.

Laser option:

Brother DCP-1612WR - the most popular among laser multifunction devices. The connection is made when connected to WI-FI, it is possible to control from a smartphone. Supports work on any platform: Windows, iOs, Android. Owners celebrate long-term use of cartridges (about 1000 pages).

Samsung Xpress M2070W known for high quality. Of the advantages distinguish fast functionality when printing. Supported by the image, there is WI-FI.

Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 differs in high productivity of a print and resource consumption. One of the budget and quality options. Among the advantages, users also note a stylish and thoughtful design: in case of non-use, the components of the device are folded inside.

Color devices:

Epson L3070 is a leader among color varieties. The best option for the production of photographs, as supported by any kind of paper. Supports borderless printing function. The system of continuous ink supply will allow its owner to save consumables. WI-FI contributes to work both from a computer and from a smartphone.

Canon PIXMA G2400 - cost-effective, but high-performance work tool. Suitable for both black and white and color printing, it is distinguished by a high resource (black and white - 6000 pages, color - 7000). Supports copying and scanning. Despite the high performance of the functional, it has high performance and low price.

BROTHER DCP-9020CDW - A popular device on the market. The key feature is the ratio of favorable prices and high quality. Supports duplex printing function, which saves paper consumption. It is allocated with the fast printing and not less fast scanning. Support for wireless connectivity is possible, which facilitates management and workflow.

Help: you can also choose a suitable version of the multifunction device from the category of devices that work using mobile gadgets.

Home Use Choice Rules

When buying a multifunctional device, users take into account not only the appearance and pricing. An important aspect is the technical characteristics and functionality of household appliances. In order to make the right choice, it is recommended to follow a few simple rules.
Recommendations for selection:

  • The number of pages allowed for printing per month. In many ways, this criterion determines the final functional of the purchased model. Permissible performance is determined by the buyer, depending on the frequency of use of the MFP. The main condition for choosing a quality option is at least 1000.
  • Having an automatic duplex function is a great advantage for a working tool. This feature greatly facilitates the process of creating documents, books, magazine pages.
  • The ability to print high-quality photos and pictures on different types of paper.
  • Availability of printing documents without borders.
  • Color depth is one of the important criteria for users whose activity is related to graphics. It determines the number of digits that convey color information. A suitable option are indicators of at least 48 bits.
  • Time to exit is an equally important criterion. Too long equipment can cause inconvenience and difficulties at work. The indicators depend on the variety of the MFP itself: the jet version - no more than 15 seconds, the laser - not exceeding 10 seconds.
  • Copy speed determines the maximum number of A4 pages printed by office equipment for 1 minute. The best option is the performance of about 20 pages. With non-critical use, you can stay at a lower version.
  • Internal resources, namely the number of sheets printed in the color palette. Frequent change of cartridges will cause regular financial expenses, which negatively affects the personal budget. Indicators are selected depending on the frequency and regularity of use.
  • A suitable indicator is at least 500 pages. Similar rules apply to black and white toners. The quantity depends on the device model: jet - 1000, laser - 1500.
  • One of the equally important indicators in the selection of a multifunction device is the presence of Wi-Fi. This feature greatly facilitates workflows, allowing you to manage your mobile phone. This connection eliminates the need for a USB cable.
  • And also should pay attention to the capacity of trays in the technique. Too small trays hold a small number of sheets. This can cause a sudden interruption of the workflow, which will significantly reduce productivity. When buying should take into account the regular use of the MFP. The best option for home use would be containers designed for at least 100 sheets.

Addition: An important aspect for each customer is the price. Choosing a model, it is recommended to carefully study the pricing policy of the presented devices.

MFP which firm is better for home

Variety and model of household appliances, should take into account the main direction in which the multifunction device will be used. This will help to choose the most suitable and optimal option.

  • Canon PIXMA TS8140 is suitable for printing photos. This model is notable for high quality of the printed image and favorable price. The price of the device will be about 12 000 rubles.
  • To purchase a higher-end model, it is recommended to use Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000. This option is distinguished by great functionality and high-quality images when printing. The average cost of such an MFP is about 43,000 rubles.
  • If the device is purchased for frequent duplex printing, you can stop at the Pantum M6700D. The laser device stands out for its high performance - 30 pages per minute - and a bargain price. The average cost in the current market is 9,000 rubles.
  • To purchase a tool with higher performance, Kyocera ECOSYS M2735dn is suitable. The speed of such a device is 35 pages per minute. Pricing policy - about 18 000 rubles.
  • Many users purchase a multifunctional device for the purpose of its frequent use as a color copier. As a budget option, you can stay at the Xerox WorkCentre 3025BI. The speed of printing such office equipment will be up to 20 pages per minute. The model has a favorable price - about 10 000 rubles.
  • When buying a more expensive option, the WorkCentre 6505N will do. The performance of this device is 23 pages per minute, the price is about 25 000 rubles.
  • For many users, an important criterion is the availability of a fax. For budget, but high-performance version will suit Brother MFC-1815R. The printing speed is 20 sheets per minute, the pricing policy is approximately 12,000 rubles.
  • When choosing a higher-end model, KYOCERA ECOSYS M2540dn is recommended. The performance of such a device is 40 pages per minute. The price will be about 25 000 rubles.


Multipurpose devices combine several mandatory and useful tools at work. When buying, many users face difficulties in choosing, since the modern market is very diverse. Useful recommendations and description will help determine the selection of a suitable model.

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