How to connect an electric guitar to speakers

Playing an electric guitar is impossible without connecting to acoustics. You can do this in several ways, consider the main ones.

How to connect an electric guitar to speakers

To combine the two devices, first of all, you will need a direct electric guitar and a set of free wired speakers, sometimes one is enough.

Is it possible to connect directly

In the case of a direct connection, the user only needs a cable from the guitar, which was supposed to come with the instrument. One end should be placed on the guitar itself, and the second - directly to the speakers. However, experts argue that in this way you can only get mono sound.

The best connection option

The most reliable option is to connect the guitar first to the amplifier, and from it draw a wire to the speakers or a subwoofer (depending on the name of the system that is used here). This will enhance the sound and increase the flexibility of settings through the presence of a subwoofer.

If you insert an effect pedal between the guitar amplifier and the instrument itself, the user will get much more opportunities for superimposing effects and editing the sound. The pedal is sold separately.

If the musician has enough funds to purchase a stationary amplifier, then he will get the opportunity to include this object in his circuit, replacing them with a device for amplifying sound from an electric guitar. This will add even more power to the sound and add some settings.

Installing a mixer (also sold separately) between the amplifier and speakers will expand the user's ability to control sound and apply acoustic effects. You can find out what each of the toggle switches are for, from the instructions, or by trial and error.

The mixer will make it possible to add not only one guitar. This is a kind of center for combining all electronic musical instruments, which, included in one device, are synchronized with each other so that common sound comes out from the speakers at the end with the equal participation of each instrument. To connect each of the additional elements, it is enough to use the sockets on the mixer. This includes the microphone.

Computer connection

Using a computer as an element of an acoustic circuit is not the most convenient way, but it is possible. True, you will have to download the necessary programs. For sound to be recorded in an audio file, you need to download "Adobe Audition" or one of its free counterparts. To provide the file with post-processing, you should use other programs that can be easily found on the network.

To connect a music device to a personal computer, you need to purchase a special cable, referred to as "jack-jack" among connoisseurs. Further actions depend on the sound card of the computer. If there is a connector in it suitable for a "jack", you just need to ensure the contact of the guitar and the PC. If there is no such connector, then you will have to purchase an adapter with the necessary connectors.

This ensures not only communication with a computer and an electro-acoustic guitar, but also the ability to connect other instruments. With a mixer, the user can combine all his electronic devices with a computer. The design of some mixers provides a USB output, which allows you to connect a computer without additional options.

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