Front speakers are rear or front

In this article, we consider the location of the front speakers, and also learn some features about other similar devices. So what are the rear and front speakers called?

Where are the front speakers

Previously, it is worth understanding the meaning and purpose of the presented model. First of all, this is perhaps one of the main components of the entire home theater. Therefore, with their help, the main sound channels are reproduced. In addition, they determine any structure of the soundtrack.

As for the remaining channels, these are auxiliary mechanisms that support the implementation of low frequencies. Speaking of location, it is important to mention directly the proximity with the user of the equipment. Thus, you can highlight the common criteria that you should adhere to during installation:

  • Both the left and right columns should correspond to a degree measure of 30 to 35 with respect to the central axis.
  • Regarding the acceptable distance between existing structures: it is desirable that each speaker be located at the same distance as from the listener himself. That is, a triangle with equal sides should form as a result.
  • With regard to the optimal location of the speakers, this is the central direction towards users. Moreover, they should also form the axis of the geometric figure, and not parallel.
  • It is worth making sure that in height they are approximately at the level of the center of the monitor.
  • It is recommended not to put the equipment too close to the walls, otherwise the material will catch a losing sound, thereby you will end up with characteristic noises and loud rustles, and at low frequencies - a buzz.

REFERENCE! In this case, the neighbors will also get a portion of the trouble.

If it is not possible to establish the presented parameters, the situation can be corrected directly by adjusting the built-in effects. The process occurs using the AV receiver or processor.

Where are the center and rear speakers

Depending on a certain distance, for a home theater there is a special configuration around the perimeter of the entire room:

  • The front part is the central channels;
  • Lateral - frontal;
  • Rear - rear.

They all make up a surround sound system. The first of them can be placed in two ways: bottom or top of the monitor / TV. Thus, both voices and various sounds are reproduced in excellent quality. Therefore, it seems that all the recordings come directly from the broadcast image of the equipment. In the kit, it can be found in the amount of one piece.

It is located most often in front of the TV or behind it. As for the second of these, it is a complete set of two devices that I install, as already mentioned above, at the rear. Thus, with proper placement, the user can achieve a truly surround effect of reproduced sound. Moreover, the distance at which the speakers will be mounted is not even so important: they will stand on the floor, hang on the wall or be near the ceiling.

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