Tufted carpet - what is it?

Not every consumer knows that there are quite a few varieties of carpet and each of them has individual characteristics. Consider what is tufted carpet and what are its features.

Tufted carpet - what is it?

This type of carpet is one of the most common. This is justified by the perfect combination of parameters such as price and excellent consumer characteristics of the product.

In stores, you can easily find many options for just this type of flooring and this is not surprising, because most consumers prefer to buy quality goods.

It is produced using the needle stitching technique. The manufacturing process is somewhat similar to the operation of a conventional sewing machine. The use of a large number of needles allows you to form loops, as a result, a loop pile is obtained.

Features of this type of carpet

In the production of this type, a variety of needles are used, which differ in density. This parameter subsequently affects the final weight of the product, as well as its density, which subsequently affects the durability of the manufactured product and the durability of operation.

REFERENCE. The possibilities of modern production allow you to create unique products that can not be found analogue.

What is the peculiarity of such a manufacturing method? The method involves the use of a special framework. Through it, with the help of needles, a thread is passed, and on the outside there is a thread of a specific value, which is set by the operator. At the end of the sheathing, the base is fixed with latex, and the loops are simply cut. Thus, it is possible to create various types of coatings, pile, loop and others.

Advantages and disadvantages

The uniqueness of such a product lies in its really high quality, it is also the optimal characteristics of wear resistance and strength. When using such carpets, you can create avant-garde interiors. There is felt on the inside of the product, and, as you know, it has good thermal and sound insulation. It can also be an AV grid, which allows you to achieve dimensional stability, the product does not change its shape during operation.

We highlight the main advantages:

  1. Universality. It is permissible to use in rooms of various types. These are both commercial and residential buildings.
  2. Production technology opens up great opportunities for designers. A diverse selection of textures, shades and colors - this is the opportunity to choose the perfect carpet.
  3. High durability and reliability. Over a very long period of operation, the material retains its appearance and original characteristics.
  4. Excellent moisture resistance significantly expands the area of ​​use of such a carpet.

Considering all the parameters of such carpets, we can confidently say that they are an excellent choice for use in residential premises, apartments, houses, and in public premises.

Watch the video: Handtufted Carpet (December 2019).


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