Carpets in the interior

One of the classic options for arranging an apartment, house or a country cottage is a practical and original carpet. A correctly selected product can not only create a harmonious atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the room, but also perform the function of soundproofing. In addition, using several products of different variations, you can divide the room into zones, which is important for those who want to save precious centimeters of living space.

How to choose the right carpet for the interior

Despite the variability of the fashion for flooring, stores tirelessly replenish their assortment with options for every taste and color. With a great desire, you can find the legendary Persian rugs, which will certainly become a highlight in the decor (of course, and their cost will not go unnoticed, since a handmade amount will have to be paid a tidy sum).

Connoisseurs of a rational and economical approach prefer budget options - polypropylene, viscose, nylon, polyester carpets. Since such products are universal and are used to equip any room in the room, some nuances should be taken into account when choosing one or another carpet.

What carpet to buy for a children's room?

The emergence of a new member of the family is a lot of pleasant troubles associated with acquisitions for the crumbs. The carpet in the nursery is absolutely necessary, since the kid will, in a sense, spend the first years of his life on the floor. That is why the choice of carpet should be taken with all responsibility. At the time of purchase, you need to be guided by several criteria:

  1. Environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity - the child’s body is sensitive to irritants that can be caused by poor-quality paint or the presence of synthetic elements in the composition.
  2. Materials - it is better to give preference to carpets made on the basis of natural components (cotton, silk or wool carpets).
  3. Appearance - a carpet with thematic drawings, funny cartoons or puzzle carpets for the development of logical thinking will bring not only comfort to the room, but also allow the baby to spend his time with benefit.

An important point: since young children like to experiment and show their creativity on interior items, the carpet should be easy to clean. It is possible that after some time he will have to experience the role of a canvas for drawing or a board for modeling from plasticine.

The choice of carpet for the living room

With the help of bright shades, you can correctly place accents and visually expand the space. The carpet in the living room has no restrictions - carpets will look great here regardless of the material, shape and color scheme. Round or rectangular, concise or juicy, with straight lines or with geometric shapes - it is you who set the tone for the interior of the room.

Choosing a carpet in the living room, you can be guided solely by individual preferences. In each store you can find both expensive top-quality products, as well as cheaper options that are in no way inferior in performance to the first.

How to choose a carpet for the bedroom?

The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation at the end of a hard day's work. Everyone would like to feel under their feet after awakening a warm and pleasant to the touch cover. Thick carpet is a great solution for those who put comfort in the first place.

With regard to color or shape, it is better to choose rectangular or square carpets of pastel colors in the bedroom. Coverage is determined by the placement of the bed. So, the carpet can be placed in the center of the room, at the head of the bed or around the perimeter of the berth. In modern interiors, round or oval products with a thick pile are popular.

An original look is a pair of small bedside rugs. This option is relevant for small rooms. Everyone chooses materials, colors and other nuances exclusively according to their wishes.

Carpets have not lost their relevance for many centuries, and still remain the same classic of comfort in every home.

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