What screen resolution is best for the monitor

As you know, such a parameter as resolution really affects the degree of eye fatigue in a user of a personal computer. Therefore, it is important to know all varieties of the indicator, as well as which of them are more suitable to give maximum convenience.

Existing Permissions

If we distinguish between monitors precisely on the presented aspect, then there really are a lot of variations. Therefore, below will be given only the most basic ones with an indication of the aspect ratio, which can most often occur:

  • 320*240 (4:3);
  • 352*240 (22:15);
  • 352*288 (11:9);
  • 400*240 (5:3);
  • 480*576 (5:6);
  • 640*240 (8:3);
  • 320*480 (2:3);
  • 640*360 (16:9);
  • 800*480 (5:3).

As you can see, there are really a lot of them. Above is only one tenth of the entire list. Therefore, if you want to purchase a screen, you will have a huge choice. But here the case is individual, so the main thing is to choose the indicator that is most comfortable for you.

What to look for

Of course, first of all, the size of the device is striking, as well as its format (just the aspect ratio). If you rely on the modern manufacturing standard, then the proportion will be 16 to 9. Thanks to it, it will be much more convenient to view various videos, programs, photographs and so on. In addition, black stripes are not detected, which are usually close to the edge of the equipment. The resolution itself determines how many points are determined vertically directly to the number of the same points, but horizontally.

ATTENTION! The higher the indicator, the more information will be displayed on the screen.

Therefore, the ratio of 1920 by 1080 or 5260 by 1440 is increasingly seen on advanced devices. If you delve into the topic, it is highly recommended to distinguish resolution with size. The first of them is indicated, respectively, in points. And the second is in inches. Therefore, for lovers of colorful images, it is advisable to purchase an aggregate whose diagonal is not less than 24 inches. So the above mentioned parameters are really important, especially if you are the person who spends a long time watching.

What is the maximum resolution of the monitor?

Of course, everything has its borders. Each screen has its own individual top in the indicator. To find out, you must perform the following steps:

  1. First you need to right-click anywhere. Next, a menu will be presented, there you need to select "resolution".
  2. In the upper corner, you can mark the settings directly in the "category" line. In addition to the parameter itself, you can find the choice of display, change of rotation. So it is the second indicator that will be the one for which everything was started.
  3. After you click on the desired line, a selection will be available. The recommended proportion will also be written there - it is also the maximum for your device. Usually this ratio is 1366 to 768.

But depending on the diagonal of the monitor, of course, other numbers may be presented. Thus, when you define 17-18, the maximum will be 1280 x 800; at 19 inches - 1440 x 900, from 20 to 23-1680 x 1050; between 24 and 29-1920 x 1200; at 30 and more - 2560 x 1600. This is with regards to the personal computer. In a laptop, accordingly, another dimension. The largest of all existing ones - with 17 units, the resolution reaches 1680 x 1050. Speaking about the tablet, it’s worth understanding that there is 1366 x 768.

TOP 5 high-resolution models

To illustrate the equipment with examples, consider the most popular screens 2k and 4k, which have significant parameters.

  1. The first line is occupied by the acer predator x34 monitor. It is he who is inherent in the size of 34 inches. If you touch the outside, then it is a curved shape, which allows you to create a 3d effect and complete immersion in an unreal atmosphere.
  2. AOC Agon ag352ucg. This building is characterized by the maximum quality of the image provided. However, he has a considerable cost. The buyer will have to give an impressive amount of money for him.
  3. AOC Agon ag352qcx. What to speak of test trials, this design coped with them simply brilliantly. As for convenience, this unit is inferior in this criterion to its rivals.
  4. Acer predator z35. According to the recommendations, the manufacturer provided its product with a resolution of 2560 × 1080 pixels, while its performance is carried out with a resolution of 21 to 9.
  5. And the last line is hp amen x35. The diagonal, respectively, is 35 inches, and the sides are 21 to 9, like the previous one. He has practically no shortcomings.

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