Check cable signal on monitor

Of course, it is a natural thing when various interference occurs or when defects in devices occur, regardless of their type. And this does not mean that from now on the design is unsuitable for further use. Rarely is the outcome of events. Therefore, almost every problem can be solved, even without professional skills and special knowledge. In this article, we will try to analyze in detail the case in the absence of a signal at the facility. And also we will analyze what the first thing to do and what difficulties you may encounter.

Signal lost - possible reasons

To identify the sources of defects always need to start with the most common options. Therefore, we will analyze some of them.

  • First, you should check the operability of the monitor itself and make sure that it is working. Also, check the signal connector on the cable and whether it is plugged in. Check the monitor. Namely, the presence of all correctly connected cables both on the product and on the way from it to the video card. In addition, it is recommended to arm with an additional system unit and check the process of the screen when interacting with an extraneous unit. Then we draw conclusions: if the image did not appear, then the problem is directly in the monitor itself, which means that it is advisable to contact a special salon where they will help you. In a different situation, we move on to the next point.
  • With two inputs (VGA and DVI), you can allow switching to the video card. Just need to swap them. Then turn on. If the result is negative, then there is nothing to worry about.
  • So, the most basic stage, where you have to open the whole system and intrude inside it. And first you need to eliminate the side of the entire box, and then, just in case, check all possible fastening of the structure.

REFERENCE! Pay particular attention to the graphics card. Now you can eliminate it and the place where it was, wipe with an ordinary eraser to remove dust and other small particles of pollution. And only after that insert the product in its original place and try to turn on the computer again. In the absence of a positive outcome, we move on to the actions according to the algorithm.

  • And now, to finally deal with the likely myths about the breakdown of the video card, we proceed to the final stage. To do this, find the cable and switch it from the monitor to its input. If the personal computer did not turn on, then it was all in that particular product and this was not a myth. You should contact a qualified craftsman in this area directly. In another outcome, the matter is in the motherboard. Here only one option exists, namely the repair of the entire system.

How to check the signal

Let's try to figure out the troubleshooting using the speaker. This procedure involves several steps. They are described below:

  1. Suppose the source of the problem lies in the motherboard. Therefore, we disconnect all components from it. Previously, the processor must be turned off!

ATTENTION! We leave on exclusively the power supply, processor and, directly, the indicator buttons. Next, activate the unit. If the signal in the list is not identical, proceed to the next step.

  1. We make the connection of the video card. When displaying a window with the name "problem with the south bridge", you should contact, respectively, a specialist. If there is no reaction at all, then you should double-check the connectors. If there is a problem with the wires, then it is worth making a replacement between the monitor and the cable. Then reconnect.
  2. And the most extreme option is a problem with the power supply. If after all the checks there was no result, then this indicates only one thing.

What to do if there is no signal

In any case, do not worry. All defects can be resolved, even if it is a major repair. Each professional knows a lot about his business, so that troubles will be eliminated. Generally speaking, in addition to the above procedures, you can try to reset all available settings, as well as roll back previous changes. This is because updates can also affect the performance of the device. In addition, it is possible to restore the object.

And it will be best if the process is completed through the disk, where the operating system is installed. When a PC runs on the basis of Windows, the process will be the easiest and proceed without difficulty. Therefore, after supplying the disk, we reboot the structure. Next, a window with the name "System Restore" will be available - you must select it. Then you will need to rely on the provided instructions. If all the same nothing helps, then there is only one way out - to carry the structure directly to the master and give a small amount of money for it.

Watch the video: how to solve the problem of check signal cable part 2 (December 2019).


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