Can laminate be painted in a different color

Laminate flooring is the most common flooring material. Manufacturers offer customers a large assortment of this product in various colors. This flooring is very practical and durable, but over time, its external data deteriorate - scuffs, chips and scratches appear. It is at this moment that there is a need to update the surface, to refresh the appearance or change color. Consider how to do this and whether it is possible to color the laminate yourself at home.

Can laminate be painted

Before answering this question, we find out the composition of the laminate. It consists of a bearing base, and its top is covered with a dense protective layer - "overlay". If you apply the paint without preliminary preparation, there will be no adhesion to the surface and it will very quickly wipe off.

It is also worthwhile to understand that when removing the top layer from the lamellas, they will lose their properties and will let moisture through, so you have to apply a special varnish with the lamination effect on the surface.

ATTENTION! Some experts believe that it is not advisable to paint the laminate - the cost of the material is low, so it can simply be updated. Moreover, even a beginner can mount a floor covering.

Features of painting the laminate in a different color

During operation, any floor covering loses its aesthetic appearance, scuffs, scratches, chips and cracks appear. Over time, the color fades and begins to look unpresentable. It will be very easy to cope with this problem - repaint the surface in a different color.

If chips have appeared, then it is very easy to get rid of them - buy a special kit with which repairs are made. With severe damage to the strap, it can be easily changed to a lamella of the same color. To update the surface and bring shine, it is enough to wash the laminate and rub it to shine using a special wax-based product.

But if the laminate is not updated by these methods, and there is no possibility to dismantle and equip the new coating, then it remains just to paint it. Before starting the process, it is necessary to carry out matting of the plane.

IMPORTANT! Before matting, putty should be applied to smooth out all chips and deep cracks.

What is necessary for repainting

At the first stage, the following materials and tools are needed:

  • soil and hard putty;
  • skin with grain of various fractions;
  • grinder;
  • spatula, brushes and rollers;
  • solvent;
  • construction or household vacuum cleaner;
  • Scotch;
  • paint and varnish.

After that, you can get to work.

Staining technology

Absolutely any person can paint the laminate; there is nothing complicated in this process. Consider the technology in detail:

  1. Free the room from all furniture that will impede further work. Clean it from dirt and dust.
  2. Partially sand the surface to remove all defects.
  3. Putty all the large chips, using a special putty on wood, which should be as suitable as possible for the shade of the color of the coating. Putty is applied in 2 layers, and after drying it is sanded with a fine grain skin.
  4. After that, to obtain a smoother surface of the repaired parts, wipe them with felt or soft felt.
  5. Now you can primer the floor, while applying the primer for outdoor use. Apply to the surface in two layers with a conventional roller, while each subsequent layer should dry well.
  6. Once all of the above actions are completed, you can begin to stain, which is produced with a wide brush or foam roller. The paint is rolled out in one direction so that there is not much layering.

IMPORTANT! As soon as the surface is completely dry, they check for defects that can be easily removed. If all is well, then you can proceed to the finish coating.

General recommendations for painting a laminate

In order for the painted surface to last for a long time, the following tips should be taken into account:

  • for painting it is better to choose acrylic or polyurethane paint, it has excellent performance characteristics;
  • for decoration, use only those polymers that will interact well with the melamine resins used in the manufacture of laminate in factory conditions;
  • after painting, it is desirable to cover the surface with varnish, for greater resistance of the floor to abrasion.

It is possible to paint the laminate if you approach this process correctly. The result will be a beautiful updated floor that will delight you with its appearance for more than one year.

Watch the video: How to Paint a Laminate Surface (December 2019).


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