Creaks computer chair what to do

A computer chair served you faithfully, comfortably supported your back, rode silently around the room, but once it started to creak disgustingly. It is annoying and distracting from work. But do not rush to throw away a chair and buy a new one, most often the problem can be fixed at home without any special costs.

Reasons: why the computer chair begins to creak

  • Screws loosened between the parts, or they were poorly tightened even at the production stage.
  • The grease that was on the bearings and joints has dried.
  • Due to poor-quality parts or improper operation, the mount broke. In this case, you can not do without buying additional parts or the help of specialists.
  • Also, the reason may be in ordinary dust, which has accumulated in the cracks and prevents the mechanisms from working as expected. In this case, a thorough disassembly and cleaning of the stool will help.

In which places it creaks

REFERENCE! Before starting work, lay something on the floor if you do not want to stain it with dust.

First, disconnect the backrest from the chair so that it is more convenient to turn it over and inspect it. Behind the back is a large curly screw, unscrew it and pull the back up - it will easily come off the metal guide. Now unscrew the second curly screw under the seat and separate from the L-shaped part. With the resulting stool on wheels, work is already easier to do.

  • If the office chair creaks while moving, inspect the casters. Often, small debris or dust clogged in the gap causes an unpleasant sound. Dirt can be removed with a narrow, long object or blown out with a can of compressed air.
  • If a creak is heard as the chair rotates, the problem may be in the gas lift. This is the part responsible for adjusting the seat height, torsion around its axis and the function of the spring (reducing the load when you sit in the chair). To inspect the gas lift, turn the chair over and find the lock in the middle of the cross. Remove the washer by hooking the tab, carefully remove the gas lift and lubricate the bearings, gaskets and other parts. If you still hear a creak or clicks, then the problem may be more serious, and a replacement will be required. A new gas lift will still be cheaper than buying a chair.
  • Many chairs have a “sore spot” - a swing mechanism. The chair is controlled by piastra, a spring-screw or centered mechanism (you will recognize it by the sticking handle). Often the problem is in a bursting seam of the piastra. Inspect the fasteners and tighten the bolts with a screwdriver if necessary. It happens that after tightening the screws quickly loosen again - here you will come to the aid of ordinary PVA glue or any other - pour a few drops into the lumen and tighten it tightly. Do not turn the structure over until the glue has completely dried.
  • When the creak is heard from the L-shaped mechanism when changing the position of the back, you need to remove the side corners, picking them up with a flat screwdriver - they are interconnected by plastic latches, so proceed carefully so as not to damage them. Wipe the inside with a rag, add grease to the spring and replace the plugs.
  • If the armrests are loose, tighten the screws.
  • Disassemble the backrest if there is a creak in it.

Instructions on how to disassemble the back of a chair

You have already disconnected the backrest from the chair and from the L-shaped part.

The screws you are interested in are located in the lower part of the back, to get to them, pull up the plastic casing or pick it up with a thin flat object.

Inside, a metal insert is usually attached to a plywood frame. It is necessary to check the reliability of the fastening, if necessary, tighten the screws and grease all suspicious places.

IMPORTANT! At any stage of disassembly, it is important not to overdo it. If something does not work, double-examine the part for latches and screws. Otherwise, you will waste time or break off something that you had to unscrew.

How to lubricate a chair

  • Most often, lubricate creaking parts with WD-40. It contains a solvent and mineral oil, which facilitates sliding and protects the surface from moisture. The Vedashka is convenient to use at home, as it is made in the form of an aerosol and has a narrow long nose in the kit - to be carefully applied to hard-to-reach places.
  • You can use solidol or petroleum jelly.
  • Any lubricant for equipment, for example, which was previously used for door hinges or a sewing machine, will do.
  • Do not take vegetable oil or cosmetics - even if there is an effect, it will last for a short time.

IMPORTANT! Most lubricants can have an unpleasant odor or even be toxic. Be sure to ventilate the room after using them.

Chair Care

To keep your refurbished chair longer, follow a few simple rules.

  • Do not swing in a chair with a fixed swing mechanism - you destroy the gas lift, and for a long time it will not last at such a load.
  • Do not sit on a chair abruptly, on a grand scale - so as not to overload it.
  • To clean the stool, use mild detergents to avoid damaging the parts with aggressive chemicals and accelerating their wear.
  • Regularly check the reliability of the screws and add grease whenever possible so as not to make the chair completely disassemble and repair.


Comfortable furniture for work and leisure is not only momentary comfort, but also a matter of your health. Many problems with the spine and joints are caused precisely by the incorrect position of the body during the day. Carefully choose a chair and take care of it to avoid big problems in the future.

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