DIY computer chair

Very often people work at a computer. Therefore, the seat should be as comfortable as possible, because if you sit in an uncomfortable chair, productivity and quality of work will fall. You can buy a finished design in the store. And you can do it yourself, saving money, and creating the design of your dreams.

How to make a computer chair yourself

To create a design you need:

  1. Find an idea. Introduce what we want.
  2. Take measurements.
  3. Prepare material and tools.
  4. Get started.

What are the benefits of a do-it-yourself design?

A chair created independently has a number of advantages:

  1. Saving. The finished design is more expensive, because it includes materials and payment for the work of the master. And so we will spend only on materials.
  2. Interesting design. The chair will look the way we want.
  3. There is an opportunity to create a design for our height and weight.
  4. We will create a chair, starting from how much time we spend at the computer, making it convenient.
  5. The durability and reliability of the chair is up to us.

What tools are needed

To create a chair you need the following tools:

  1. Apparatus for welding.
  2. Jigsaw.
  3. Drill and drill.
  4. Bulgarian.
  5. Screwdrivers and wrenches.
  6. Bolts and screws.
  7. Stapler.
  8. Scotch.
  9. Wheels.

The choice of materials for the chair

There are 3 types of materials from which the chair is made:

  1. Tree. The material is environmentally friendly and affordable. But such designs are gradually fading into the background, as more and more wheel chairs are appearing in modern markets. Making them from wood is very difficult. The standard version is 4 legs.
  2. Plastic. At the moment, the most common designs are made of plastic. The chair will be comfortable and durable, and the material is cheap and affordable.
  3. Metal. The design is stronger than the previous ones, but plastic is used more, since it is cheaper.

Ideally, a combination of plastic and metal is used to create the structure. The first is suitable for creating backrests, seats and armrests. From the latter, a good base and cross are obtained. Wheels (which can be metal and plastic) are also bought separately. Here it is better to give preference to iron, since plastic will wear off quickly. Among other things, we need fabric and foam for upholstery.

How to make measurements and drawings?

The dimensions of the chair depend on the wishes of the owner. We will take into account the average values ​​that can be changed. For an adult chair, the markup will be as follows:

  1. Height is about 1 meter.
  2. The width of the seat is about 50 centimeters.
  3. Backrest 58x50 mm.
  4. The size of the cross is about 70 centimeters.
  5. The distance from the pillow to the seat is not more than 30 centimeters. This value depends on how a person rests with his back or neck.
  6. If armrests are attached to a chair, the distance between them and the floor is about 80 centimeters.

Attention! Based on all these data, a design sketch is prepared, according to which the necessary amount of material is bought and work is performed.

DIY computer chair: step by step

We start work from the back and seats. We need:

  1. Take the plywood. To outline the main parts of the structure. You can make a design that resembles the standard chairs that are sold in the store. And you can make a chair unlike the rest. It all depends on the imagination.
  2. Take the forehead and cut it out according to the contours. The edges should be sanded with sandpaper.
  3. Now make the foundation. It can be of two types - 4 legs or only one with the installation of a cross and wheels. What choice is needed depends on the choice of base. If a single leg construction has been selected, a sturdy pipe must be found. Also needed wheels, corner and channel. If a design with 4 legs was chosen, we just make 4 legs, and fasten them with bolts (you can hammer with nails if the material is wood).
  4. To create a back we need a rectangular profile. It is connected to the main part using a welding machine or bolts.
  5. The armrests must be made in the shape of the letter "p" and attached to the main part.
  6. The frame is created. It must be sanded with sandpaper. After that, it should be primed and painted.
  7. After the paint has dried, you can do the wheel attachment.
  8. The next step is upholstery. The chair will be too stiff and uncomfortable to sit on. Foam rubber or cotton wool will help us. Using adhesive tape, they need to be attached to parts that are desirable to make softer. Foam rubber with tape is covered with fabric, which is fixed with a stapler.
  9. Once all the details are ready, you can assemble the chair. We take the base and attach a cross to it. It can be made of three types of material - wood, plastic metal. The latter is the strongest, and does not break from a lot of weight. Using the apparatus for welding, we attach the seat, back and armrests to the frame.

Creating a computer chair with your own hands is quite simple. Particular attention should be paid to markup and planning.

Watch the video: DIY Gaming Chair - We built our own junkyard computer chair! (December 2019).


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