Can I put the bed with my feet to the door

Healthy sleep is the basis of well-being and mood. Our effectiveness during the day directly depends on the quality of night rest. That is why it is so important to create conditions for a full recovery of forces. One of the most pressing and controversial issues is the correct location of the bed relative to the door.

Folk omens may seem strange and illogical to a modern person. However, the opinion that you can’t sleep with your feet to the door has taken root very well. Many try to avoid this arrangement. But if you think about it, any belief is no coincidence. Our ancestors had no idea about the physical structure of the world, but they were able to observe. By systematizing the acquired knowledge, people made conclusions and created their own picture of life. So a bed, located with its feet toward the exit, was associated with danger among many peoples.

  • The Slavs considered the front door a passage into the kingdom of the dead. It was believed that it’s easiest to drag the soul to hell by the feet of evil. Sleeping at the door means letting the evil forces take themselves to the other world.
  • For the Scandinavian peoples, the door was also a portal to other worlds. It was believed that in the universe there are three worlds. One is for people, the second is for gods, and the third is for evil spirits. The Scandinavians believed that during sleep, the human soul went on a journey, leaving the body. And if you fall asleep with your feet towards the exit, it fell into the dark world and could not return.

According to the beliefs of different nations, sleep with his feet to the door threatened with illness, failure, nightmares and even death soon. If you look at the situation from the point of view of logic today, it may be psychologically uncomfortable for a person to sleep in that direction. Firstly, that’s exactly how, forward feet, the dead are carried out of the house. Secondly, an open dark corridor often causes unpleasant associations and feelings of anxiety, which also affects the quality of sleep.

What is said about this in Feng Shui

According to the Chinese teaching of Feng Shui, the proper organization of space is the path to a harmonious, happy life. When asked whether it is possible to sleep with your feet at the door, there is an explanation related not to mysticism, but to the laws of interaction of energies.

Feng Shui experts do not advise lying down to the door during sleep, otherwise positive energy will leak through the door. As a result, a person wakes up not rested and full of strength, but broken. Constant sleep with the feet to the door poses a threat to overall well-being and internal energy.

IMPORTANT. The opinion of practitioners of Feng Shui regarding the location of the bed applies to any door - not only the entrance, but also the balcony and even the dressing room. Specialists categorically do not recommend sleeping to the correct opening with their feet.

If it is undesirable to sleep with your feet to the exit, is it possible, in principle, to put a bed opposite the door? And if so, how exactly? To begin with, it is worthwhile to understand what is the relationship between the quality of sleep and the organization of the interior.

How furniture layout affects sleep

When choosing a place for a bed, it is important to consider several factors.

  • Air circulation. Airing before bedtime is the key to a good rest. If fresh air flows freely to the bed, sleep will be sound and calm.
  • Soundproofing. When the bed is the head of the window, external factors such as light and street sounds can interfere with sleep. In addition, purely psychologically this arrangement of the bed is unfavorable, as it creates a feeling of insecurity. Blackout curtains may be the solution. Another unsuccessful option is the head of the wall, behind which other people live: here it is primarily about extraneous noise.
  • The absence of external threats. Putting a bed under a massive chandelier or painting on the wall is not a good idea. This can cause anxiety and a feeling of impending danger and, as a result, problems with sleep.

According to popular beliefs, you can’t rest your head to the exit: dark forces penetrate the brain and take over the mind. A person is waiting for nightmares and mental disorders.

Feng Shui experts argue that if the bed is the head of the exit, it should have a high back so that there is no loss of energy.

There are no scientific arguments whether to sleep with your feet or head to the door. The decisive arguments, as a rule, are signs and inner feelings. People who do not take superstition seriously, quite calmly sleep with their feet and their heads to the door - without nightmares and health problems.

A lot in our lives depends on what we believe in. The main thing is to put the bed so that rest on it is really comfortable - both physically and emotionally.

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