Brick size for the stove

For stoves in homes, professionals recommend the use of a special stove brick. Its identical standard size and correct geometry will allow you to build an oven with optimal dimensions, which will last for many years. There are several types of products presented below.

For stoves and fireplaces in residential buildings and country houses, quartz and fireclay red bricks are usually used. The second option is more often chosen, because quartz, heating up significantly, can lose its integrity and cause destruction of the walls.

The furnace in the room performs the functions of a heating device, and is the subject of decor. Her forms and design are sometimes very original and bizarre. For the possibility of laying a variety of stoves, sometimes a non-standard look, bricks are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Standard brick sizes for the furnace

A standard brick is a box. All parameters of building materials are determined by GOST. Specifically, there is no separate document for the furnace version. Products of various sizes are produced.

Red brick dimensions for the kiln

Red brick made of red clay. From it build stoves and fireplaces. There are 2 types of it: a simple furnace and refractory refractory.

Simple brick can heat up to 1000 ° C. Often they make stoves in summer houses, which are used intermittently. The red stove version has a standard size:

  • Length - 250 mm;
  • Width - 120 mm;
  • Height - 65 mm.

Refractory refractory has the same length and height, differs only in width (123 mm). Suitable for lining the inner surfaces of the furnaces or individual parts of the furnace with the greatest heating.

Fireclay brick size for the furnace

The chamotte version can be heated up to 1500 ° C; it has the property of retaining heat for a long time. According to GOST, there are 2 brands: ShA and ShB. In this case, the figure reflects the dimensions.

As was said at the beginning, it is this type that is most suitable for laying stoves and fireplaces in houses. In addition, it has a winning color. Its golden shades create a feeling of additional comfort in the house, which allows you to do without facing ceramic material for the stove.

When choosing a brick, pay attention not only to the main characteristics indicated in the marking, such as size and thermal conductivity, but also to the external state. Check that the products were of the correct shape and the same size, there should not be any chips, cracks and other flaws on them. And also it’s nice to tap it with a hammer to exclude the void inside the building material.

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