Serving table on wheels - how to do it yourself?

Serving table - a functional and practical solution for the home, which is designed to make the rest more comfortable. Remember how many times in the evening you have to run to the kitchen for drinks, dishes, although all this can easily fit on such a compact and necessary piece of furniture. How to make a serving table on wheels with your own hands and is it possible for an inexperienced person?

Design options

The design of the product can be anything you like and depends solely on your taste and preferences. You can make a simple and unpretentious table, or you can equip it with many shelves and drawers, using it as an additional countertop. The style is also individual and is selected for the interior decoration of the home, while it is advisable to use natural eco-friendly materials (MDF, wood) for the manufacture. In rooms with a modern design, metal or glass structures will be appropriate: colored, tinted or transparent.

The most comfortable are tables equipped with wheels, as they are mobile and easy to operate. A handle mounted on one side will help guide the product, and various hooks, shelves and cutting board will help make it more functional.

Determined with the drawing of the serving table

The design of the serving table is the first thing to start the process of manufacturing. You can fully use your imagination, giving the design a bizarre shape, any size and color, or take as a basis a ready-made solution from the Internet. The scheme is applied to a sheet of paper with an indication of all sizes of elements, places of their fastening, finishing materials. In the future, one should steadily adhere to these values ​​and monitor their compliance. So that the work does not take you too much effort and time, you should not give preference to too complex options, but will stop at the classic 4-wheel table with two worktops and a handle. A height of 78 cm is sufficient for all occasions, as well as a length of 93 cm with a width of 42 cm.

DIY do-it-yourself serving table

When the preparatory activities were left behind, it's time to stock up on tools and materials. To implement your plan you will need:

  • board 50 x 100 mm (frame), 25 x 100 mm (countertops), 25 x 50 mm (edging);
  • paint and brushes;
  • sandpaper;
  • tape measure, pencil;
  • circular saw, screwdriver and drill;
  • grinder and pneumatic hammer;
  • drills and screws;
  • protective mask, glasses, gloves.

IMPORTANT. The board should be exceptionally dry, because otherwise, after some time, cracks and gaps will appear on the surface of the countertops. As a result, the design will become less durable and attractive.

The manufacturing process consists of the following steps:

  1. Wireframe. With a circular saw, 4 blanks are cut with a length of 32 mm, 4-86 cm and 4-78 cm. After that, they must be carefully treated with sandpaper, and then assembled into 2 rectangular structures and fixed with screws. To avoid the appearance of cracks in the attachment points, it is recommended to pre-drill holes for screws. Next, we connect the obtained bases with each other using vertical struts with a height of 78 cm and fasten with screws.
  2. Countertops. For them, you need to prepare 18 planks 42 cm long and 2 to 32 cm long. The tabletop is 10 mm wider than the base, therefore, to align the planks, it is recommended to fix a 5 mm thick board on one side. Further, all the elements are alternately fastened with screws or nails with the mandatory recessing of the hats. For edging, 4 slats of 93 cm are cut off and fixed on the sides.
  3. Painting. Cracks, holes, locations of nails and screws are carefully putty and after complete drying the whole structure is ground. Before you start painting, you should cover the table with a primer, preferably at least 2 times, which will increase its durability. Choose the color of the paint yourself, while it is most convenient to use an aerosol spray.
  4. Wheels and handle. The minimum diameter of the wheels for comfortable use of the table is 80 mm and you can purchase them in a furniture store. The same goes for pens, the design of which depends entirely on your taste preferences.

A serving table will become an indispensable assistant when relaxing in the company of friends or relatives, watching a movie after a tiring working day. Carefully and carefully assembled, it will become a decoration of the home, the pride of its owner and the general attention of the guests.

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